Arabic traditional kitchen with Arabian spices.
We have a very traditional Arabic cuisine with all kinds of spices and flavors, just like mom used to make.
There is traditional Arabic music playing throughout, transporting you to another place, another time.
Finally, we will say goodbye with some more of our rose water hoping to have made this experience something that you will never forget!
We will welcome you with some very traditional rose water drink and a variety of olives and Arabic pita bread with zatar and sesame.
After your meal we will offer you Arabic coffee, served in traditional Damascus handmade cups and accompanied by a traditional Greek sweet called loukoumi.
There is a garden inside with all kinds of flowers and plants and of course, a water fountain as well, that will refresh and relax you.
Our restaurant has its own bottled wine (olive) white and red, from the best Greek grape varieties.
We have nargiles with apple and grapes, tobacco flavor.
The tea route gives us the most beautiful smells and tastes of the east.